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hello :3 [Oct. 6th, 2008|12:47 pm]
Yahoo Furs


Hello :3
I'm new to the group. I am Kat. The creator of Halloween Cat Arts and Productions. Sada Aoko and Pumpkin Spicer are my two of three fursona's and are the "halloween cats". Sada I tend to roleplay more and is my more dominant fursona. She is a black and lime green Lybica (close ancestor to the European/Sicilian Wildcat). Pumpkin is her brother. He is black and orange. I'm also a novice fursuit crafter and anthro artist (any tips is well appreciated if you browse my fa page *plug* in my links section *end shameless plug*). Hope to enjoy all of the posts :3

Im on yahoo almost non-stop..

I'm usually either on SadaAoko or Pumpkin_Spicer

The Pumpkin_Spicer is my mobile yahoo (on my sidekick) so it's the best way to get an actual hold of me :3